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COVID-19 Response

The entire 4-17SSE Crew are taking special precautions to help ensure your safety. Below, please find a list of items we are asking for your help with, to help stop the spread of COVID:
1. Wash your hands frequently
2. Avoid touching your face and eyes
3. Masks are recommended, but are not required as of 7/6/20
4. Hand sanitizing stations are located in numerous areas around the venue - please use them while you visit us
5. Only 3 individuals are allowed in the souvenir shop at a time
6. Social distancing is required
7. No outside food or beverages are allowed inside the venue
8. If you are sick, have been exposed to somebody that has or has had the virus in the past 14 days, or have traveled outside of the US in the past 14 days~ we respectfully request that you stay home and self quarantine for 14 days.

New Comers, FYI:

If all you know about short track racing is that the cars turn left and drive in a circle, then this page was made for YOU! Take some time to read through this page and we'll bet you'll have a lot more engaging experience and that you won't feel lost while visiting 4-17 Southern Speedway & Events.

4-17 Southern Speedway races multiple car classes on a weekly basis. There are approximately 10 different classes that race at 4-17 SSE. Each week, we try to offer races to a variety of classes, sure to please fans. One day each month, 4-17 SSE also host dirt track kart & mower racing. In addition to racing- 4-17 Southern Speedway and Events will be hosting concerts, festivals, competitions, and more. Be sure to check the schedule regularly to be kept up to date with new scheduled events.

Fun for all ages, and Family Friendly too

  • Family Section - designated Family Section, where no smoking or alcoholic beverage consupmtion will be allowed
  • Handicap Sections- designated handicap accessible sections in the bleachers, and ground level
  • Lawn Chair Seating- Don't want to sit in the bleachers? Bring a blanket, lawn chair, or enjoy the grass.... Lawn chair seating available for all to enjoy
  • Souvenir Shop- enjoy a vast selcetion of branded tee shirts, blankets, ear muffs, ear plugs, hoodies, and other seasonal goodies
  • Driver Meet and Greet- On specified nights, fans of all ages will be invited to enjoy a FREE Driver meet and greet
  • Concession Stand- Enjoy a hot entree, cold beverage, snacks, candy, and daily specials prepared just for you
  • Beer Shack- Proudly offering several brands of Local & Imported beer, Craft Beers, and wines - Age verified

Race Day Times:

Pit Gates Open at 12:00 PM
Grandstands Open at 4:00 PM (Not Open for Go Kart Races)
Heat Races start at 6:00 PM
Feature Races start directly after Heats/ Qualifying - typically around 7:00 PM - but could be slightly earlier or later

Cash only- Please

Due to the overwhelming amount of bounced checks and credit card disputes - we are now a cash only venue. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause......unfortunately "others" have forced this policy. An ATM will be available for your use on the premises, the day of the event.

Flags and what they mean:

Green Flag – Start Flag; the green flag is waved by the flagman at the beginning of a race and after a caution to indicate the race is re-starting. It is displayed until the next caution or the end of the race.

Yellow Flag – Caution Flag; when waved it means there is a problem on the race surface or danger ahead. The drivers must slow down to a safe speed and may not pass.

Red Flag– All Stop Flag; this indicates there is an incident on the track such as an injury, rollover or fire and everybody is to pull over and stop immediately.

Black Flag – Penalty Flag; this flag indicates that an individual can to leave the racing surface and enter the pit area. It usually means the driver has an infraction and other times it means the driver's car is unsafe to continue racing. If the flag is ignored the driver can be in serious trouble.

Blue/Stripe Flag – Passing Flag; this flag is shown to slower cars that are about to be passed by the leaders. Generally the slower cars are lapped cars that have been passed by the leader more than once.

White Flag– Last Lap Flag; this is waved by the flagman to indicate the driver is entering the last lap.

Checkered Flag– Winning Flag; this is waved by the flagman at the end of the race, first for the winning car and then for all cars as the complete the lap they were on when the race ended.

Other Information about Racing and Flags:
Two Flags Crossed - Mid Point Flag; some racing organizations display two flags in an X shape to signal the drivers the race is half over.
• Being a racetrack flagman is one of the most important jobs at a racetrack. Without question, the racetrack flagman is the sole individual responsible for alerting all drivers at once of track information.
• While each driver wears a headset that allows him or her to hear other officials, the flagman communicates with drivers by waving different colored flags in the air. Flagmen are perched in a stand high above the starting line and they remain there until the race is complete.

What about the cars?

• Anyone can own a race car. You can find them for sale in racing groups, on social media, and the "FOR SALE" board at the track. To purchase or build your own car: typical cars range anywhere from $1500 - $100,000, depending on the class, chassis, and motor

• Most of our drivers have a full time job and race on the weekends as a hobby. A few drivers make racing into a full time career.

• Race cars must be built to specs to race at 4-17 Southern Speedway & Events. A regular car off of the street may not race at the track.

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